How to do your Grand Entrance the right way

Your Grand Entrance is when you and your new Mr or Mrs enter the reception area for the first time as a married couple, accompanied by your bridal party. The photos are over, your guests are canapé-d out and it’s time to start the party.

There are a few different ways to approach your Grand Entrance and we’re going to break them down for you so you guys can enter with a bang.

How to introduce your bridal party during your Grand Entrance

Your bridal party will come in before you so your other guests can show them some love for all the hard work they’ve been doing all day. This is also an opportunity for your guests to practice cheering so they have it down pat by the time you guys come in.

If your bridal party is relatively small and you have the same number of bridesmaids and groomsmen, you might want to pair them up to walk in. This way works well for a maximum of three couples, but if you have more than that you may want to try having all the girls walk in together, followed by all the boys (or the other way around).

What music do I need for my bridal party’s Grand Entrance?

Many couples just have one song for their Grand Entrance, and that’s totally fine. Get your wedding DJ to edit it into snippets that can be played as each couple is announced. This has way more energy than just playing the song all the way through and having everyone walk in at random points. The best part of the song will be saved for when it’s your turn to walk in.

Some of our couples like to walk in to a different song to their bridal party and others choose a different song for each bridal party couple or group.

However you do this, make sure you save the bangingest banger for yourselves.

And remember, it’s vitally important that your MC and DJ communicate with each other so your DJ has the right song lined up before each couple is announced.

What’s the best song to choose for my Grand Entrance?

Your Grand Entrance should be full of energy. This is your first time presenting yourselves to the world as a married couple. Hopefully your guests will be on their feet clapping and cheering (it’s your MC’s job to make this happen), so pick a song that has high energy to go along with it.

Regardless of your music tastes, your Grand Entrance song should be an epic banger and a party starter. This is the beginning of your reception so let your guests know what kind of party you want it to be.

We’ve curated a playlist of Grand Entrance songs to get you started.

What other Grand Entrance ideas are there?

Although we’ve talked about you and your bridal party ‘walking in’, it’s really not necessary for your Grand Entrance to involve much walking at all. We’ve seen bridal parties bust out sick soul trains, blast their way in with our CO2 cannon, get confetti crazy and, of course, who doesn’t love a good sparkler entrance?

There are no rules other than to have fun and bask in all that love!