Congratulations on your engagement!!

Your friends and family are stoked for you, and can’t wait to travel from near and far to celebrate with you – for you – at your dream wedding……but first thing’s first – you’re going to need to plan this thing.  Chances are, this is going to be the biggest, most anticipated, most expensive party that you’re ever going to throw.  You know exactly how you want it to be, and that you want it to be a success, but how do you turn your vision into a reality?

If you’re reading this page, we are assuming that you’re looking to book a DJ for your wedding.  You may also be considering a trained and experienced Master of Ceremonies who can host your wedding with style and sincerity, guiding you and your guests throughout the reception.  It takes more than a Spotify playlist and a funny friend to truly engage your guests, get them on the dance floor and keep them there!

Here’s the rub…..a packed dance floor at your wedding reception won’t just happen by accident.  It takes an enormous amount of talent, preparation and years of experience to create a party rocking set that responds to, guides and entertains an audience.  We don’t just turn up and play the same old stuff at every wedding.  We don’t do ‘standard’ or ‘average’.  We do amazing things for the coolest brides & grooms in town.  We take the time to get to know you, and put in serious work to program music for your wedding that truly represents you as a couple.   We create your playlist live and on the spot, reading the audience and reacting with them. Your wedding soundtrack will be a balance between songs that reflect your taste and personality, and music that appeals to your diverse group of family and friends.  Your wedding won’t be like every other wedding.  It will stand out, be truly memorable and exceed all expectations.

We are creative and incredibly passionate about creating the rad wedding you deserve.  We understand and respect the importance of your wedding celebration, and will approach it with the high level of care and professionalism that’s required.   We are able to do this because this is a full time job for us, not something we do on the side.  We can focus much needed energy and attention on our couples and create amazing moments for them.  We employ modern techniques, top notch equipment, use the latest in technology, and most importantly, have the creative talent to pull it all together.  We understand that there is a bit of a negative stereotype associated with wedding DJs and MCs.  We set out to smash that stereotype with each and every wedding we host.

We want you to be a guest at your own wedding and not stressing about the details.  At Cut a Rug, we work hard to create a stress free, unique entertainment experience.  Your highly anticipated, very expensive, once in a lifetime wedding day which you have spent years planning will fly by in, what feels like, the blink of an eye.  We want you to be able to enjoy and absorb your whole day without worrying about or being distracted by all the little details.  We will carefully manage every part of your entertainment so that everything runs the way you want it to.  We will work behind the scenes and coordinate with your venue, other suppliers and guests that hold important roles in your timeline. This ensures a reception that goes off without a hitch, a reception that is fun, engaging and creates lifelong memories.

You want your wedding reception to be the best event it can possibly be…..and so do we.  You deserve it – you’re only going to do this once.  It’s super important to make sure that your team of suppliers is made up of wedding professionals you feel comfortable with. You should feel 100% confident that they can skilfully transform your celebration into the kind of party that will be remembered for all the right reasons.

So what’s your next step?

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Contact us – we can’t wait to meet our next rad couple!

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