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Sicker than your average


We know a thing or two about wedding music

We know you don’t like the same music as your nan. 

Heck, you may not even like the same music as each other. 

And, we know that every single one of your guests has a different favourite song (or three).

We know you don’t want to hear the same old, lame old soundtrack you hear at every other wedding.

Which is why we skilfully mix together a little something for everyone, so everyone feels included and no one’s left out.

We know how to read a dance-floor and play the right song at the right time.

And, we know how to create super fun moments and keep the energy high all night long.

The music can make or break your wedding.

And, we take that responsibility very seriously.

It’s more than just pushing ‘play’…

Listen to the music


Live wedding mixtape

This is the final hour of a huge seven hour set at Kat and James’ wedding.  

It’s heavy on the hip-hop as per their request.  There were so many songs to pack in to this last hour that many of them were mixed out of pretty quickly to make room for the next one and to keep the party jumping.  

Sorry, but this is not your average wedding DJ set.  (Not sorry).

Mashed Up Beyond All Recognition

This mixtape features mostly hip-hop acapellas layered over some beautiful instrumentals from other tracks you may recognise. 

All expertly mixed by Cut a Rug’s very own DJ AD (aka Aaron).  

If you like mash-ups, you’ll love these.


A cacophony of indie, JJJ, hip hop and acoustic all rolled up into a neat little 30 minute package.

This mix reached #1 on the indie chart, #1 on the bass chart, and #2 on the hip hop chart on Mixcloud.

Too Skool for Cool

A nod to the 90’s, featuring a bunch of random songs that Aaron kinda digs but almost never plays.

Originally put together for a fashion parade at a bridal expo back in 2014.


A mixtape Aaron made for the A Darling Affair wedding expo waaaay back in 2013.

Find the track listing here.

More the visual type?


NYE House Party

Showcasing Nathan’s tight-mixing and layered beats with this EDM mixtape from NYE 2022.


The Mix Formerly Known As Stolen Diamonds Pt 3

A fun upbeat blend of indie, pop and house tunes showcasing Adi-Bee’s slick mixing skills.

Hard2Sell Mixtape

Live old-skool hip-hop set, recorded in Barcelona.

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