Big Love LogoIt’s time for another Recommend a Vendor, and this month we’ll be chatting to celebrant Jo Lincolne from Big Love Weddings.  Jo creates wicked cool ceremonies from the heart.  She is warm and funny and will help you create a unique ceremony that is perfectly you.  Read on for some quirky loveliness!

Big Love Weddings

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So what is it that you do?

I marry people.
I’ve recently been dubbed ‘The High Priestess of Love” and ” The Celebrator of Love”.  I’m based halfway between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast and do most of my ceremonies on the Sunny Coast but have married people as far away as Melbourne & Townsville. (Yes, I LOVE to travel for Ceremonies).

What makes you different from the other celebrants out there?

Celebrants are all so different and we all have such different styles & personalities and life experiences. 
I spend loads of time getting to know my couples- it’s a very interactive process we go through to craft a Ceremony that suits them 100% (and there’s usually a whole bunch of laughter involved).
I’m pretty much up for anything and especially enjoy couples who step outside the square.  A lot of couples don’t understand how much freedom they have within a civil ceremony, so it’s awesome when they realise this and their eyes are opened to a whole new world of possibilities of how they can express themselves and their love in their own unique way.  Each Ceremony is so special in its own way and I do love a traditional ceremony too.  I like to ensure though, that my couples are being traditional because they have consciously chosen that, NOT because they don’t know any better.
Big Love Weddings

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Do you have a funny story to share from working with a couple?

Oh, wow! There are soo many!! ….
The most recent was probably me slipping over with all 100 guests watching!  Luckily, I recovered at the last moment and managed to not land on my bum or flash my undies!!  There was a spontaneous cheer from the crowd and some serious air pumping from me when I recovered!!

What do you like to do when you’re not being a celebrant?

Spend time with my hilarious kids and husband.  We love adventuring-boating, camping, fishing (sounds like an ad on TV) and travelling.  We have a wide range of interests that keeps life fun (circus, hula-hooping, music and a menagerie of different animals) and attempting to resuscitate our sad veggie patch.

What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

My aforementioned hilarious son – usually with a shiny face full of smiles and kisses and cuddles – very difficult not to wake up happy from that…. And the strong desire to finish our home renovations that have been going on for far too long!

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Big Love Weddings

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Pop Quiz:  If you were marooned on a desert island and could only bring one thing to keep yourself entertained, what would it be (and why)?

Probably my guitar because I still have SOOO much to learn it’s the only thing that would keep me well and truly occupied until I was rescued by The Love Boat!!!

What’s your top tip for couples choosing a celebrant?

Aside from making sure the Celebrant knows their legal stuff you need to ensure you actually like them, that you feel comfortable with them and feel free to be yourselves.  Is the celebrant comfortable with your ideas & happy to be involved and carry them out?  You’d never guess the number of people who’ve been told you can’t make jokes in the ceremony (which is total hogwash) or do kooky things.  We ARE bound by laws, but as I mentioned before we also have a whole lot of freedom to express ourselves in Civil ceremonies, so you need to make sure your celebrant can embrace that.  And do they genuinely seem to love what they do? You can spot a person who’s passionate about their work pretty quickly.To contact Jo, head on over to her website:

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