August 17, 2016

What do wedding DJs and sandwiches have in common?

Awesome wedding DJ Sunshine Coast


We get a lot of people asking us for our prices (nothing wrong with that – everyone has a budget to work with).


But there’s a lot more to booking the right wedding DJ than just knowing how much they cost.

Since most people have never booked a DJ before and might not know what questions to ask, we’re going to go with an example that you’ll be more familiar with (buckle up – here comes the sandwich analogy).
Imagine this:
You call up a sandwich shop to order a sandwich but all you ask is:
‘How much for a sandwich?’
They tell you ‘$20’.  This sounds pretty expensive, after all, you just want a sandwich, so you call up another place and they tell you their sandwiches are $2.
Great price for a sandwich, right?
You go and pick up your $2 sandwich and you find out it’s a cheese sandwich.  You didn’t want a cheesy sandwich!  You wanted an amazing, gourmet sandwich!  This wasn’t for just any kind of lunch – it was an important, once in a lifetime lunch.  And it’s too late to change your mind.
Oh the disappointment!
If only you’d chatted with the first guy, you would have found out he was a master sandwich maker and was going to make you the best damn sandwich you’ve ever experienced, the kind of sandwich you’ll be talking about in ten years time – for only $20!  In fact, if you’d taken the time to meet the guy, you would have realised it was Gordon Ramsay making your sandwich!  Suddenly $20 doesn’t seem so expensive after all.
You probably know where we’re going with this…but in case you don’t, go back and replace the word ‘sandwich’ with ‘DJ’ and the word ‘lunch’ with ‘wedding reception’ (you can leave the word cheesy as it is).
Now, believe it or not, there’s a few ways that DJs are not like sandwiches.  You can’t just walk into a DJ shop, have a look at their DJs and say “That one looks delicious” (ok maybe the sandwich analogy isn’t working any more…).

To figure out which DJ will tick all your boxes, do your research.  Look at their website.

  • Does it include pics from actual weddings or is it full of stock photos?  
  • Is there a picture of the DJ on there, or is it a mystery who this person actually is?  
  • How do they present themselves?  
  • What do they dress like?  
  • Do they actually mix?  
  • Have they won any awards?
  • Can you listen to examples of them performing at actual weddings?  
  • Can you see videos of them at actual weddings?  
  • Do they interact with guests in a fun way, or do they sit in the corner waiting to just press ‘play’?  
  • Do they have ideas and experience in creating a timeline that keeps things moving in a fun and interesting way?  
  • Do they invest in ongoing training and education?  
  • Do they invest in high quality equipment, and have backups should something fail?  
  • Do they have public liability insurance?  
  • Do they purchase their music legally or use crappy sounding YouTube audio rips?  
  • Do they roll out the same old tragic party ‘favourites’ at every single wedding, or do they truly customise a playlist to suit the people in attendance?  
  • Can you meet them, or at least talk to them, before booking?  
  • Do they come highly recommended by your venue/photographer/celebrant etc.
When you’re checking out DJs for your wedding, don’t just ask how much they charge.  Find out what goes into their service.  What are they actually bringing to your wedding?  Talk to them, meet them and make sure that you’re not going to end up with a cheesy sandwich (unless of course you really love cheesy sandwiches, in which case go for it).

Once you’ve found the perfect person to manage your wedding entertainment, you’ll know how much to budget for your DJ – exactly what they charge.

Give us a call or lets meet so we can find out if we’re the right sandwich for you.

And on that note we’re going off to make ourselves a crispy pancetta, caramelised walnuts, baby celery and mayonnaise sandwich on organic, gluten-free sourdough ciabatta.  Bon appetit!

August 13, 2015

Alyce and Shaun @ Byron Bay’s Belle Helena

everything about shaun & alyce’s byron bay wedding was super unique and incredibly beautiful.  belle helena, formally known as byron bay manor, played host to this immaculately styled wedding celebration, planned and coordinated by jane magnus @ byron bay luxury weddings.  it was truly an honour to be a part of these guys wedding all-star team, headed by none other than photographer jonas peterson and second shooter, cassie sullivan (incase you can’t tell by the pics, they’re kind of a big deal).  everything about this wedding was truly top shelf, from the setting, the food, the playlist (everything from bag raiders to biggie, spencer davis to snoop), to absolutely everyone in attendance – none more so than the bride and groom themselves.
the rain stopped just in time for everyone to make their way to the outdoor dance floor where i threw down a wicked set (did i mention biggie?) and the guests just tore that rain soaked dance floor up.
in a nutshell – so. much. amazing.
fun fact – alyce happens to be one half of wedding photographer dynamic duo, alyce & colette.  we recently dj’ed at colette’s own wedding – watch this space for the blog coming soon.

Video by Roost Film Co.

Wedding expertly planned by Jane Magnus @Byron Bay Luxury Weddings.


Aaron and Mel,
We honestly can’t thank you enough for your amazing radness. Aaron we were SO lucky to have you with us on the day. We knew it was instant music bffs fo lyfe after we met up via Skype and had pretty much identical musical tastes. You definitely were pickin’ up what we were puttin’ down, and at the wedding the music from start to finish was just incredible. We didn’t leave the dance floor all night. The music was so varied and fun, the mixes took so many twists and turns and consistently had the crowd losing their minds! It rained a bit on our outdoor dancefloor and nobody could stop dancing. Even Shaun’s 80-something year old Nan was up and dancing in the rain! You guys absolutely rocked it and everybody has been raving about how great the music was. You guys are totally flying in the face of the traditional, pretty boring, slightly sad wedding DJ stereotype and it was a total delight to watch as people went from ‘oh, a DJ’ to ‘THIS GUY IS AMAZING!’. 

We are sad it’s over because we just wanna be music nerd friends with you guys forever, haha! I’ll be sending all of my brides and grooms your way guys, Colette and I would love to shoot more weddings with you!! xx

Alyce and Shaun, Bride and Groom 

November 3, 2014

Sharleen & Tom’s Mirra wedding

i had the great pleasure of djing sharleen & tom’s wedding reception at this rad little venue in brisbane called mirra.  these guys are style, class and good taste personified – their wedding was just amazing.
you know what else was amazing? their taste in music (crunked up), their hilarious video presentation (you had to be there, seriously) and their photographer (anthony hoang).  just a whole lot of amazing going on.
get the picture? check out the photos from the day.

Aaron was amazing and we are so happy to hear that he also had a blast. We had guests come up to us to say they loved the music. The music played during the dinner was very us and I’m so glad it wasn’t the typical commercial radio top 40 hits.

Aaron had his finger on the pulse of the crowd the whole time and knew exactly what to play to get them going.  The fact that he got the crowd to dance to the very last song speaks volumes about his awesomeness and talents.

So thank you thank you thank you! Even with the rainy weather, everything including the little hiccups and awkwardness (which was very us) came together all in the end and we had one of the BEST NIGHTS EVER!  

It was such a fun wedding and we had lots of guests also mention that was one of the best, most fun weddings they’ve ever attended.

Thanks for being part of our big day and making it as special as it was 🙂

Aaron, you are a master of your craft and we are so glad we chose to go with Cut a Rug!

Sharleen and Tom, Bride and Groom

April 15, 2014

Bianca & Travis Maleny Manor wedding

bianca and travis got hitched at maleny manor, so you just know it was an unforgettable day for everyone there.

these guys were such a delight – i was blown away by their hospitality, especially bianca’s mum and dad who are the nicest people you could hope to meet. i was mc and dj for the night, and had a great time partying with these guys, their awesome family and rad friends. i love my rnb so i was pretty stoked when the playlist came through jam packed with a whole stack of killer urban joints. however, in an interesting (and fun) twist, the chicken dance ended up being the track of the night.  even though there’s no pics of the d-floor action (sad face) we wanted to feature this wedding because we just love these guys so much (happy face).

calli b photography took the pics featured below – enjoy.

Dear Aaron and Mel

We need to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for delivering the most wonderful service on Saturday. Everything was so spot on; the entire day was seamless. You are an amazing MC and an absurdly talented DJ.

So many guests approached us on Saturday to ask who you were and how we found you. We feel so lucky that we did. From walking down the aisle to the last dance of the night – the day was perfect.

You are so professional, polite, talented, sincere and still totally cool haha we had the most fun we’ve ever had on Saturday and I’m so happy to say that a lot of that is because of you. Thank you again.

Bianca and Travis, Bride and Groom

March 30, 2014

Matt & Khela at Brisbane Powerhouse

matt & khela are dream clients of the highest order.  beautiful, stylish, lovely – people who really know how to have fun!  these guys introduced me to some awesome music that i’d never heard of and even went as far as to send me a sealed debut Gary Clarke double LP (we’re talking vinyl) as a thank you.
they had their reception at the über cool brisbane powerhouse.  these guys, their friends, and family looked a million bucks and partied like rock stars as you’ll see in the ahh-mazing photos below by Stewart Ross.

Cut a Rug is one hell of a team!  Right from the get go everything was friendly but still the right amount of professional.  

Nothing was too hard or too much trouble, the music selection was exactly what we wanted, it suited our wedding perfectly!  

We couldn’t be happier and we would definitely recommend Cut a Rug to anyone.

Matt and Khela, Bride and Groom

January 28, 2014

Kristy & Pete’s Bistro C wedding


pete & kristy had a very specific vision for how their reception was going to go down music wise.  i worked closely with pete in the lead up and together we formulated one of the best playlists i’ve seen…..or heard.  cocktails featured a very cool selection of jjj style tunes and dinner was all about 80s and 90s classics – no wedding schmaltz here!  the dance party featured a bunch of hand picked tunes that all meant something to the happy couple and their awesome friends and family. these guys got completely rambunctious and danced til the very end of the night. bistro c in noosa turned it on big time and even let us get an extra track or two in past curfew.  katie takes a picture shot the whole thing – check out her amazing work below. it’s pretty safe to say that i wanna play this wedding again, it was just soooo much fun.

I can’t tell you how many compliments we got about the music and general vibe from the dance floor.  I think it was easily the best dance floor from the dozen or so weddings we have been to and the way you mixed all the tracks together was spot on.  Thanks heaps for your patience and professionalism.

Music is a huge passion of mine and it was such a highlight of the whole day to see everyone responding like that to the playlist.  Also want to compliment your judgement for dropping ‘Easy’ by Groove Armada as the bonus track – that call was spot on, our mates really lose it when that track comes on!

You impressed me with your professionalism & the way you delivered on the night.

pete and kristy, bride and groom

November 21, 2013

Travis & Viv’s Mango Hill Farm wedding

Travis and Viv held their gorgeous wedding at Mango Hill Farm.  It was the perfect venue for their outdoors, vintage-styled wedding.

We were given a great playlist of songs to draw from with a real ‘world music’ vibe.  A lot of friends and family travelled long distances (from South Africa, London and Hong Kong) and the music chosen reflected that.  There was plenty of traditional South African music mixed up with Ibiza chill during dinner, with some old skool Mr. Scruff, Paolo Nutini and Paul Simon getting things moving on the dance floor  later on.  There was also a nod to the traditional land owners by having a didgeridoo artist perform during the signing of the registry and after the ceremony.

Apart from being some of the nicest people we’ve had the pleasure of meeting, Travis and Viv have a wedding decor hire business.  They supplied all the fantastic furniture, decorations – even the dance floor – for their wedding and we love the result.

The gorgeous pics come courtesy of Artography.

August 12, 2013

Patrick & Katie’s Maleny Manor wedding


this wedding featured the most awesome dance party that i’ve witnessed in a long time.

patrick and katie hired a photo booth (from Artography) which came with a whole bunch of  props that they and their guests took full advantage of.

throughout the night, the dance floor was heaving with party people sportin  hats, wigs, animal masks and some very enthusiastic dancing – there was even a spontaneous conga line and so much bouncing that the floor shook.

these guys know how to party – i captured a couple of moments on the night and have uploaded the videos, check them out.

more shenanigans below, photos courtesy of Artography:

Thanks for your testimonial, guys – you rock!

Cut a Rug performed at our wedding and did a fantastic job!  We had pretty specific music taste and Aaron delivered everything we wanted.  Great to deal with in the lead up to the event and all of the equipment was top quality and looked great.

Everyone had an amazing time at our wedding and commented how good the music was and it showed as all of our guests were out of their chairs and on the dance floor the whole night!

Patrick and Katie

June 17, 2013

tara and ryan’s handmade noosa springs wedding

We first met Tara and Ryan at the A Darling Affair bridal fair back in 2012 and we clicked instantly.  Right from the get go, they were such an awesome couple to work with and it was a privilege to be a part of their special day.

Tara and Ryan spent a huge amount of time hand-making the decorations and styling their wedding.  From the handmade bunting to the 172 scrubbed and de-labelled glass jars for the table decorations, the hard work and attention to detail was noticeable everywhere.  Tara and Ryan made sure that their wedding had a really unique and personal feel to it.  We loved the table numbers which featured numbers that were significant to the couple.

The song that these guys chose for their Grand Entrance was Earthquake by Labyrinth.  It was a banging choice and it sounded awesome when the beat dropped as the happy couple were announced and entered the room.  These guys were up for a party and Jules got some great shots of the guests busting out some moves (see below).

Congratulations Tara and Ryan – you were a joy to work with and we wish you every happiness!

Check out these awesome pics from Julian Beattie Photography – oh yes.

Rings on RugTies and SocksRings in boxBartending
Ceremony Holding HandsSigning
Bridal Party on Hill

Bridal Party with Golf Buggies

Removing the Garter
Catching the Bouquet
Garter Catch

Tara & Ryan DancingBridesmaids
Jumping Guy
Mr & Mrs

Thanks so much, guys, for your beautiful testimonial:
WOW!!  Aaron you rock!!  Thank you for creating a fantastic atmosphere with awesome tunes to keep everyone dancing all night long!!

Our guests all commented on the great selection, variety and your absolute professionalism.  We were totally blown away and we can’t thank you enough for helping to create the most amazing night of our lives!!

We can’t wait until we can use you again…. our 30th’s are just around the corner!!  We will definitely be recommending you for sure!!

All the best, Ryan and Tara

We’d also like to give a mention to all the other awesome wedding vendors who made Tara and Ryan’s wedding so special:
Dress – Elizabeth gown with Babushka ballerina 4 layer tulle skirt

Suits – Tailor Made by Prince Henry Designs

Bridesmaids – Belladonna

Photographer – Julian Beattie

Hair – Sally Townsend

Make Up – Melissa Dowdle and Gen Punch

Ceremony and Reception room Decorations – All handmade by Tara and Ryan

Ceremony Chairs – Style Le Aisle

Cake – Breezys Cakes

Flowers – Blooms of Noosa

Invitations – I Do Wedding Tea Towels

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