Colour and Coconuts

Colour and Coconuts DJ

DJs aren’t typically morning people – late night events and early mornings don’t mix.  

On this occasion, however, the event started bright and early at 8am with a sweat class.  The event?  The fabulous Colour and Coconuts Wellness Festival at Lightspace in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

Providing a live DJ set for Elle (Elle Fit) and Dana (Active with D) and their group of fitness enthusiasts was only the beginning.  

The day progressed with some amazing and inspiring entrepreneurial speakers from the wellness industry including – Lisa Messenger (Collective Hub), Melissa Ambrosini (Mastering your Mean Girl), Jacqueline Alwell (The Brown Paper Bag), Sarah Holloway (Matcha Maiden) and Julie Stevanja (Stylerunner).

Between speakers, Aaron mixed a wicked set of tunes (heavy on the 90’s hip hop and RnB) to the gorgeous kombucha sipping, superfood eating attendees.

It was a special day on so many levels.  We left feeling inspired, rejuvenated and privileged to be there (and with the best goodie bag ever!).

Special mention goes to the ├╝ber talented girls at White + White Weddings and Events for styling Lightspace and organising the whole day.  You did an amazing job!

Check out the pics below from Ella Molnar.