Alyce and Shaun @ Byron Bay’s Belle Helena

Cut a Rug DJ Byron Bay Wedding

Everything about Shaun & Alyce’s Byron Bay wedding was super unique and incredibly beautiful. 

Belle Helena, formally known as Byron Bay Manor, played host to this immaculately styled wedding celebration, planned and coordinated by Jane Magnus @ byron bay luxury weddings

It was truly an honour to be a part of these guys wedding all-star team, headed by none other than photographer Jonas Peterson and second shooter, Cassie Sullivan (in case you can’t tell by the pics, they’re kind of a big deal).  

Everything about this wedding was truly top shelf – from the setting, the food, the playlist (everything from Bag Raiders to Biggie, Spencer Davis to Snoop), to absolutely everyone in attendance – none more so than the bride and groom themselves.
The rain stopped just in time for everyone to make their way to the outdoor dance floor where I threw down a wicked set (did I mention Biggie?) and the guests just tore that rain soaked dance floor up.
In a nutshell – so. much. amazing.
Fun fact – Alyce happens to be an ah-mazing wedding photographer herself.  Check her out at Cloud Catcher Studio.

Video by Roost Film Co.

Wedding expertly planned by Jane Magnus @Byron Bay Luxury Weddings.


Aaron and Mel,
We honestly can’t thank you enough for your amazing radness.  Aaron we were SO lucky to have you with us on the day. We knew it was instant music bffs fo lyfe after we met up via Skype and had pretty much identical musical tastes. You definitely were pickin’ up what we were puttin’ down, and at the wedding the music from start to finish was just incredible. We didn’t leave the dance floor all night. The music was so varied and fun, the mixes took so many twists and turns and consistently had the crowd losing their minds! It rained a bit on our outdoor dancefloor and nobody could stop dancing. Even Shaun’s 80-something year old Nan was up and dancing in the rain! You guys absolutely rocked it and everybody has been raving about how great the music was. You guys are totally flying in the face of the traditional, pretty boring, slightly sad wedding DJ stereotype and it was a total delight to watch as people went from ‘oh, a DJ’ to ‘THIS GUY IS AMAZING!’. 

We are sad it’s over because we just wanna be music nerd friends with you guys forever, haha! I’ll be sending all of my brides and grooms your way guys, Colette and I would love to shoot more weddings with you!! xx

Alyce and Shaun, Bride and Groom