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Sicker than your average


About your Wedding

We want your wedding to feel like a rad night at your favourite club or the funnest house party you’ve ever been to.

Last dance song
Bride and groom on dance floor


Mixing creatively so your dance floor feels like an awesome journey instead of just one song being played after another.
Lightning bolt
Knowing how to read the room so we give you more of what you want to hear (and less of what you don’t).
Lightning bolt
Interacting with your guests like normal human beings (instead of skulking in the corner like a weirdo or cracking lame jokes on the mic).
Lightning bolt
Looking the part—no satin-sheen waistcoats on our watch.
Lightning bolt
Leaving the cringe at home—because this is your wedding—not a school disco.

We love what we do, and we love doing it with people like you.

Who are Cut a Rug, anyway?
Who are Cut a Rug, anyway?

Who are Cut a Rug, anyway?

The DJs

Our shit-hot wedding DJs earned their stripes in clubs, bars and at festivals, which means they can mix, scratch and talk about music till the cows come home.

Aaron Cut a Rug DJ

Aaron / aka DJ AD

Cut a Rug owner, founder, OG

Before he started DJing weddings, Aaron did a whole bunch of other cool DJ stuff such as playing alongside dope acts like Hermitude, Thundamentals and Alison Wonderland.

This means he’s a legit, genius DJ who can mix, scratch and totally rock your wedding.

Nathan Cut a Rug DJ

Nathan / aka DJ Nathanieli

Hip-hop, RnB & throwback specialist.

DJ Nathanieli is the go-to DJ on the Sunshine Coast RnB club scene. 

He’s opened for hip-hop legends, Naughty by Nature & DJ’ed the wedding of celebrity chef, Adriano Zumbo.

Nathan’s an expert at reading a crowd and getting everyone (even Grandma) on the d-floor.

DJ Adi Bee Cut a Rug Sydney

Adam / aka DJ ADI-BEE

Sydney DJ, international vibes and grooves.

ADI-BEE cut his DJ teeth back in the day mixing vinyl in Sydney with DJ AD.

Next stop, the UK and Barcelona where he DJ’ed his eclectic blend of vinyl and digital tracks in European clubs and bars.

ADI-BEE brings all flavours, from funk & soul to hip hop & EDM, to weddings in Sydney, The Hunter Valley, & the Southern Highlands.

Behind the Scenes

Shit-hot at emailing and other office-y stuff.

Mel Teacup Copy


Mel is the Beyonce to Aaron’s Jay-Z.  She’s your first point of contact when you send us through an enquiry.  Copywriter, emailer extraordinaire and organiser of all things (which is no mean feat…see ‘The Cut a Rugrats’), Mel is there, behind the scenes, from the moment you enquire with us right up to the day of your wedding.

Cut a Rugrats

The Cut a Rugrats

Our darling little monkeys keep us on our toes from morning till night, making sure our office never quite reaches that level of tidiness to which we’re accustomed.  Quite frankly it’s a wonder we manage to get anything done.  

They love to dance, hate to nap and we wouldn’t be without them for the world.

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