Cut a Rug is a bespoke wedding DJ and MC service created to make your big day the amazing dance party you want it to be.  We will ensure your wedding runs smoothly and provide the right tunes to set the mood – whether it be for cocktails, dinner or to fuel non-stop dancing.  Cut a Rug combines real party rocking skills with an encyclopaedic knowledge of music.  Smooth, well timed mixes that build energy on the d-floor result in dance party sets that will entertain your guests, impress your friends and exceed expectations of what a ‘wedding DJ’ can do.

When you book with Cut a Rug, we work closely with you in the weeks and months beforehand to make sure we understand your musical vision.

Each and every performance is unique and perfectly suited to the people in attendance.  Each set is performed with skill, style, and a whole lotta love.

Cut a Rug services the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Sunshine Coast Hinterland and Noosa areas, but we will travel pretty much anywhere.

Here’s what we can do to make your big day amazing.


Want to know what an actual set from a real wedding sounds like? Head to the music page for more…

“Doesn’t suck balls” 5 Stars. As a wedding photographer and owner of The Photo Booth Guys… I’ve literally been to hundreds and hundreds of weddings.
DJ’s generally suck balls. But not this guy. Aaron most certainly sucks no balls. He is legit the best DJ in town..

Steve Bliesner, The Photobooth Guys

We honestly can’t thank you enough for your amazing radness.  Aaron we were SO lucky to have you with us on the day.  We didn’t leave the dance floor all night.  The music was so varied and fun, the mixes took so many twists and turns and consistently had the crowd losing their minds!  You guys are totally flying in the face of the traditional, pretty boring, slightly sad wedding DJ stereotype and it was a total delight to watch as people went from ‘oh, a DJ’ to ‘THIS GUY IS AMAZING!’.

Alyce and Shaun

We need to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for delivering the most wonderful service on Saturday. Everything was so spot on; the entire day was seamless. You are an amazing MC and an absurdly talented DJ.

Bianca and Travis

This day for us would not have been complete without your professionalism, willingness to succeed & kindness.

Aaron, you put your entire heart and soul into what you do and we can see how passionate you are when you are doing your thing.
Our guests have been commenting on how amazing everything was on our day, and a huge part of that is thanks to you.

Amy and Casey


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