We don’t do ‘standard’ or ‘average’.   We rock RAD weddings for the coolest couples in town.  

High Energy

There’s zero snooze factor when Cut a Rug is DJing your wedding.

Aaron has the uncanny ability to pick the exact right song for the exact right moment and mix it in like a boss. He makes on the fly decisions about whether a song is working, giving your dance floor the best chance to be as amazing as it can possibly be.
High on energy – low on cringe.

High Care Factor

Aaron has DJ’ed hundreds of weddings…not one wedding hundreds of times.

Each set is personalised perfectly for each and every bride and groom and their family and friends.  We care so damn much that packed dance floors and amazing parties are an obsession.
Watch us go all mad scientist on your playlist….


High Expectations

Let’s be honest – nobody has high expectations of a wedding DJ.
But you really, REALLY should.
The DJ can make or break a party.  The DJ is in charge of how much the biggest night of your life doesn’t fizzle out.
The smallest details can make the biggest difference…and we’re all about the details.
Aim high.  Expect more.  You deserve it.


Each and every performance is unique and perfectly suited to the people in attendance.  

Each set is performed with skill, style, and a whole lotta love.

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